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Floppy Fish cat toy

Floppy Fish cat toy

Floppy Fish cat toy

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Is your cat bored?

Get him/her the FIRST dancing fish cat toy that moves on its own!

Cats go crazy when playing with our Floppy Fish cat toy!

- Motion detecting motor inside! Kicks just like a REAL fish when touched. Stops itself when left alone!

- Catnip pouch! Fill the cat safe velcro pocket with catnip!

- Easy charging with a USB cable

- Soft and cuddly
- Perfectly sized for biting, chewing, and kicking.
- Materials: plush fabric and stuffed with PP cotton.
- Cruelty-free certified!

All cats love this fluffy and funny Floppy Fish with flapping tail!


Do you want to know more about how to keep your cat happy?
Here are 5 easy ways to keep your indoor cat happy:

1) Keep your cat active: exercise is important for your cat's healthy lifestyle! So try to play with your cat every day. Try different types of toys that allow your cat to stalk, chase, pounce, and kick, like our Floppy Fish, the Windmill toy, or the Tower of tracks!

2) Get your cat a furry friend: Few of us can be home all day to love on our cats, so consider getting a second cat or a dog as a companion. Having a buddy to run and play with can go a long way in keeping indoor cats happy and stimulated.

3) Cats are inherently curious animals: in addition to toys, you can help your cat exercise its natural hunting instinct by hiding its favorite treats around the house!

4) Use catnip: catnip is a plant in the mint family (Nepeta cataria) that contains a natural oil called nepetalactone which has a unique effect on cats. Not all cats are affected by catnip, and it has no effect on kittens under six months of age, but if your cat does respond to it, try our Catnip sticks to help keep your indoor cat stimulated and happy.

5) Pet your cat: there is nothing more pleasant than human touch for your lovely furry child! Cats love to be petted and gently scratched in areas like their chin, between or around their ears, along the side of their face, or be stroked from their head to their tail! Showing your love is the easiest way to make them happy and relaxed! ❤️


- Size: 30 cm (length)
- Alimentation: USB cable. The battery lasts for 20-30 minutes (of continuous movement).
- Wash: remove the electronic motor before washing. Safe to wash machine (gentle cycle), it is suggested to hand-wash.
- Motion sensor: the fish starts moving its tail when touched, and stops if left untouched.


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