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About us

Welcome to furry-friend!

Our story began 3 years ago, when we noticed that huge brands promoted pet products made with animal derived material, unconsciously supporting animal exploitation!

That's where our mission started: create an online shop where paw-parents from all the world can find exclusively cruelty-free products for their furry children! How do we do it? We carefully select all our products' materials so that no furs, no leather, no wool or any other animal derived is used!

We Love Them Like You Do!


...and now meet our team!

Candid picture of a cat representing the Pecu Pets CEOGinger - C.E.O.

After 6 years of experience in snuggling in comfy beds, grooming her fur with the best brushes and chasing infinite balls of yarn, she decided to put her experience at the service of others founding!



Candid picture of a boxer representing the Pecu Pets Marketing Divison ManagerRichard - Advertising Manager

He takes care of spreading the woof about PecuPets' products.

He's passionate, careful and accurate while sharing our amazing products with all his furry friends... even thou sometimes he drools on the keyboard!


Candid picture of a cat and a dog interpreting the Quality control team of Pecu Pets Oliver and Lily - Quality Control team

The QC team is responsible to test all products and ensure they are safe, bite-resistant, cruelty-free and fun!

To test the products, Oliver and Lily spent hours playing with funny toys, sleeping in comfy beds, and being brushed and massaged with grooming's a hard work and someone has to do it!


What are you waiting for?

Join us and our hundreds of customers and take care of your pet's happiness, coziness and health with our amazing products! 

The Pecu Pets team 🐾

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