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Cat self grooming Arch

Cat self grooming tool arc-shaped

Cat self grooming Arch

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Help your cat remove its shedding hairs!

Your cat will love to rub himself around this Arch Self Groomer!

The high quality and durable bristles will gently remove shedding hair while giving your kitty a massage!

 Reduce ingested hair: when cats groom themselves, they swallow and ingest the loose hair. This Self Groomer will help your cat remove loose hair without the need to ingest them.

 Sturdy carpet base: it will not fall down when scratching. The construction of the arch is very strong and steady for maximum durability and stability.

 Catnip sprinkled on carpet or at the base can keep cats entertained for hours.

 Easy to install. Just follow the instructions inside the package (no screw needed).

Suitable for long and short hair.

 Dimensions: 35 cm (arch base) * 35 cm (arche height).

 Materials: carpet cloth, wood, PP, stainless iron.

 ** Not sold in pet stores**


Need more help with shedding hairs?

Try our Pet Grooming Glove to make grooming easy and turn it into an activity that you and your furry kitty can enjoy!

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