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Puzzle Dog Feeder

A red-brown fur dog sniffing the treats hided in the Dog Puzzle Feeder.

Puzzle Dog Feeder

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Why do you need to buy a dog puzzle toy for your pet?

Because a dog puzzle toy can help your dog become smarter while keeping him healthy!

How it works: treats are hidden inside the compartments and your pooch will start figuring out how to get them!


green paw icon The puzzle game provides mental stimulation, keeps your dog's mind alert to increase his intelligence.

green paw icon Treat compartments can hold your dog's dry kibble to make mealtime more exciting!

green paw icon Makes feeding fun and challenging

green paw icon Constructed of tough, food-safe plastic-free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates.

green paw icon Perfect to slow down speedy eaters!

green paw icon Easy to clean by simply handwashing with soap and water.

Not sold in pet stores!!


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