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Orthopedic Cat Bowl

A white cat eating the treats in a double Orthopedic Cat Bowl. The two bowls are filled with different type of treats. The bowls are transparent, so all the food inside is clearly visible. The base is in white color.

Orthopedic Cat Bowl

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An orthopedic cat bowl designed to reduce vomiting

Did you know that it is unhealthy for cats to eat at ground level? When cats have their heads down for meals, their posture makes the stomach crunches and creates an unpleasant feeling causing your cat to overturn food.

The unique design of our cat raised bowl allows your cat to naturally assume the best feeding posture and reduce vomiting!

green paw icon Elevated position: it offers easy eating and comfortable licking for your pet preventing indigestion and stomach discomfort!

grenn paw icon Slow-feeding: the elevated position of the bowl helps to slow down the feeding speed!

green paw icon 15° tilted: the inclined position reduces the cat's neck burden and promotes the health of the digestive system when eating!

green paw icon Sturdy Non-Tipping Base: no more food pawed out of the bowl!

green paw icon For All Sizes: suitable for all cat sizes! Also suitable for little size dogs!

green paw icon Non-toxic materials: BPA Toxic-Free Plastic, non-toxic for both food and water, tasteless safe.

green paw icon Easy to clean: dishwasher-safe and easy to hand wash!

*** Not sold in pet stores! ***



- Holds 150 g of food or 350 mL of water

- Dimensions: 14 cm (length), 13 cm (single bowl width) or 28 cm (double bowl width), 15 cm (height)

- Material: BPA Toxic-Free Plastic

Please be aware that the color may slightly change from pictures due to differences in monitors. Please allow 1-2 cm differences due to variability production.

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