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Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

A gray is playing with the Cat Tower of tracks.

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

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Your kitty will never lose another ball under the couch with our Tower of Tracks cat toy!

green paw icon Durable toy with 3 levels of exciting play! Each level has its own ball that cannot be lost!

green paw icon Mentally engaging: your cat will love batting, swatting, and pouncing the bright colored balls as they engage their natural instincts to hunt!

green paw icon A cool way to attract your cat’s paws and claws away from your furniture!

green paw icon Sturdy construction stands up to vigorous play!

green paw icon Suitable for one or more cats!

green paw icon A non-slip base holds the Tower of Tracks in place during vigorous play!

*** Not sold in pet stores! ***


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- Colour: Light blue (with 4 balls), Pink (with 4 balls), Green (with 3 balls) or Orange (with 3 balls).
- Material: Plastic
- Balls: 3 plastic balls (random colors)
- Dimensions: 25 cm (L) * 16 cm (H) * 16 cm (W)
Please be aware that colors may slightly change from pictures due to differences in monitors.
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