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Tug Ball for Dogs

A Corgi pulling with the Tug Ball stuck to a parquet

Tug Ball for Dogs

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Interactive toy for dogs who love to play Tug-of-war!

green paw icon Promotes physical and mental health: tugging on this toy is a great way to give your dog the physical exercise that he/she needs.

green paw icon Highly recommend for dogs who chew aggressively and love to play tug of war!

green paw icon Cleans their teeth: put treats inside the ball so that your dog starts chewing on it! The Zig-Zag pattern of the ball promotes dental hygiene helping your dog cleaning his/her teeth.

green paw icon Improves wealth: tugging on this toy strengthens their jaw muscles and also improves their mood, reduces boredom and stress.

green paw icon For all sizes: this toy is built to survive strong jaws and heavy biters!

green paw icon Safe and durable! Made with Natural Cotton fibers and non-toxic rubber and colors, durable and wear-resistant, this toy is perfectly safe for your furry friend to play with.

*** Not sold in pet stores! ***


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This toy is available in one size only, suitable for all dog sizes:

- Diameter Ball: 7,5cm 
- Lenth Rope: 40cm
- Suction cup: 10cm (diameter) * 6cm (height)

Toy dimensions may slightly change from the ones listed, due to manufacturing variability.

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